Coach Ntseki's Frustration: Giving up on Khama Billiat Amid Bad AdviceCoach Ntseki's Frustration: Giving up on Khama Billiat Amid Bad Advice

Coach Ntseki’s Frustration: Giving up on Khama Billiat Amid Bad Advice

Kaizer Chiefs coach Molefi Ntseki sheds light on the recent developments regarding forward Khama Billiat, who has stopped training with the team and abandoned contract talks.

The situation has left Chiefs facing uncertainty and seeking answers about the player’s future.

Billiat’s Absence and Contract Talks

At the age of 32, Khama Billiat ceased training with Amakhosi as his contract expired on June 30.

Chiefs expressed their interest in retaining him, but negotiations hit a roadblock when the Zimbabwean forward became untraceable, making it challenging to continue contract discussions.

Ntseki’s Perspective on the Breakdown

Coach Molefi Ntseki believes that the breakdown in talks between Billiat and the club resulted from poor advice the player received.

Ntseki expressed his frustration with the situation, emphasizing that Billiat had already agreed to the terms but had yet to sign the contract.

Uncertain Future for Billiat

As Billiat remains clubless, Ntseki’s remarks hint that the player’s absence may affect his chances of continuing with Kaizer Chiefs.

Missing crucial pre-season training and a match against Young Africans in Tanzania may complicate his reintegration into the team.

Ntseki acknowledges Billiat’s talent but concedes that the circumstances surrounding his absence present a difficult situation for everyone involved.

Challenges Faced by Kaizer Chiefs

The situation puts Kaizer Chiefs in a challenging position, forcing them to search for Billiat and reopen talks with him.

The team’s pre-season struggles have highlighted their need for an experienced player upfront.

While the club’s new signings are still being evaluated, their performance in friendly matches against Young Africans and Township Rollers has raised concerns.

The Countdown to the 2023/24 Season

With the 2023/24 season on the horizon, Khama Billiat’s future hangs in the balance.

The next few days will be crucial in determining whether he will continue with Kaizer Chiefs or seek opportunities elsewhere in the football world.

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