Fans Rally To Support Struggling Bafana Legend | Rally To Support Struggling Bafana Legend

Fans Rally To Support Struggling Bafana Legend

Fans Rally To Support Struggling Chiefs' Legend
Fans Rally To Support Struggling Bafana Legend

Raising Funds for Emile Baron: Fans Show Support for Former Keeper

Former Bafana Bafana goalkeeper, Emile Baron, has been the focus of attention among football fans and supporters in recent weeks, following news of his struggles to make ends meet. The goalkeeper retired from professional football in 2013 due to a career-ending injury sustained during a game. Baron received R400,000 in compensation from the PSL’s insurance, but it was far less than he was supposed to receive. The 44-year-old retired keeper has since fallen on hard times and has been living in poverty, relying on handouts to support his family.

Baron played for several teams in his career, including Bafana Bafana, Chiefs, and SuperSport United. He was also a fan favourite during his time at Norwegian club Lillestrom, where he played over 100 games. Baron’s story caught the attention of the official supporters’ group of the club, as well as other fans and followers, who have launched a fundraising drive for him.

Raising Over R2 Million for Baron

According to reports, nearly R2 million has been raised for Emile Baron through a fundraising drive launched by the supporters’ group and other fans. The fundraising drive has reportedly received contributions from 4,961 individuals, and funds have been sent to Baron and his family to help them find other accommodation after they were evicted from a single-bedroom house. Morten Stokstad, Lillestrøm’s communications head, confirmed that the fundraising drive has raised over 1.1 million Kroner (R1.9 million).

Fans Rally To Support Struggling Bafana Legend |
Fans Rally To Support Struggling Bafana Legend

Baron Grateful for the Support

Emile Baron expressed his gratitude to the supporters’ group and other fans who have contributed to the fundraising drive. “I am aware they are raising money for me, and I want to thank them for what they are doing. But I am now talking to the organizers to see how I will get the money,” he said. Baron previously shared his story with another publication, explaining how he was trying to find ways to support his wife Sheri, and their two sons.

The Future for Emile Baron

With the fundraising drive, Baron’s situation has improved, and he is no longer living in poverty. However, the question remains of what the future holds for the former keeper. While he is grateful for the support, Baron will need to find a sustainable means of support for himself and his family. Nonetheless, the fundraising drive is an excellent example of how football fans can come together to support those in need, even if they are on different continents. The love for the beautiful game transcends borders, and fans are willing to support their heroes, no matter where they are.


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