FIFA Payouts for Banyana Stars RevealedFIFA Payouts for Banyana Stars Revealed

FIFA Payouts for Banyana Stars Revealed

In a groundbreaking moment for South African football, Banyana Banyana made history by becoming the first-ever national team, regardless of gender, to reach the knockout stages of a World Cup tournament.

Their triumphant performance in the Women’s World Cup has not only ignited nationwide celebrations but has also ensured a significant financial reward for each player in the squad.

The exhilarating 92nd-minute winner by Thembi Kgatlana sent the nation into euphoria, with the joyous scenes reflecting the magnitude of their accomplishment.

To further enhance their triumph, FIFA pledged to make an unprecedented “huge investment in women’s football” and guaranteed prize money for players for the first time ever.

As a result, each of the 23 players in Desiree Ellis’ squad is guaranteed a substantial amount of R1.14 million ($60,000) from FIFA.

This sum adds to the initial R572,000 ($30,000) that the players were already assured for their participation in the tournament.

The generous FIFA payouts, coupled with the regular stipends from the South African Football Associations, will ensure that each heroine in the Banyana squad is rewarded handsomely for their exceptional performance.

The player bonus money varies according to the different stages of the tournament, as outlined by FIFA:

  • Group stage: $30k (R572,000)
  • Round of 16: $60k (R1.14 million)
  • Quarter Final: $90k (R1.71 million)
  • 4th place: $165k (R3.14 million)
  • 3rd place: $180k (R3.43 million)
  • 2nd place: $195k (R3.71 million)
  • Winners: $270k (R5.14 million)

Additionally, the South African Football Associations (SAFA) will also receive increased funding from FIFA for their team’s outstanding performance.

Advancing to the Round of 16 will earn the federation a substantial R35.6 million ($1,870,000). The amounts that SAFA will receive at each stage are as follows:

  • Group stage: $1,560,000 (R30 million)
  • Round of 16: $1,870,000 (R35.6 million)
  • Quarterfinal: $2,180,000 (R41.5 million)
  • Fourth place: $2,455,000 (R46.8 million)
  • Third place: $2,610,000 (R50 million)
  • Second place: $3,015,000 (R57.4 million)
  • Winners: $4,290,000 (R81.7 million)

The remarkable achievement of Banyana Banyana has set the stage for a thrilling clash in the Round of 16 against the Netherlands, who topped Group E with seven points.

The upcoming encounter promises to be another exhilarating chapter in Banyana’s historic journey at the Women’s World Cup.

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