Powering the Future: Join UNDP as a Green Energy Analyst in CopenhagenPowering the Future: Join UNDP as a Green Energy Analyst in Copenhagen

Powering the Future: Join UNDP as a Green Energy Analyst in Copenhagen

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is offering an exciting opportunity for passionate individuals to join as Green Energy Analysts in Copenhagen.

This green job comes with international salaries and benefits, making it an attractive prospect for those committed to environmental sustainability.

The role involves playing a crucial part in promoting energy efficiency and green energy services to UNDP Country Offices and partners worldwide.

Job Identification and Key Information

The Green Energy Analyst position is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, under the Innovation Practice Area at UNDP headquarters.

It is a full-time role with a contract duration of one year, falling under the International Personnel Service Agreement category.

To be eligible, candidates must hold a Master’s degree with two years of experience or a Bachelor’s degree with four years of experience.

Fluency in written and spoken English is a prerequisite, and knowledge of French and/or Spanish is an advantage.

Powering the Future: Join UNDP as a Green Energy Analyst in Copenhagen
Powering the Future: Join UNDP as a Green Energy Analyst in Copenhagen

Job Description and Responsibilities

The Green Energy Analyst will operate under the supervision of the UNDP ITM Green Energy Team Leader and perform various essential tasks to promote sustainability and energy efficiency. Some of the key responsibilities include:

  1. Energy Assessment: Conduct remote and occasional onsite energy assessments of office premises to identify energy efficiency and green energy installation opportunities. Leading the deployment of energy meters and defining safety measures for specific sites.
  2. Project Implementation: Compiling business cases for projects, providing all necessary information for decision-making by Country Offices management. Offering technical and project management support, coordinating implementation activities, and conducting User Acceptance Testing (UAT) as part of project commissioning.
  3. Operations & Maintenance: Facilitating internal and external training of team members, users, and onsite focal points for tier-1 support. Providing tier-2 support and remote monitoring to ensure high availability of installed systems.
  4. Solar PV Projects: Conducting preliminary assessments, compiling business cases, and participating in the solicitation and evaluation of proposals for solar PV projects. Providing technical support and project management for various solar initiatives.
  5. E-Waste Management: Participating in team and corporate initiatives for e-waste management, including research on the disposal of batteries and other solar PV components. Conducting training and webinars on e-waste management as needed.

Importance of the Green Energy Analyst Role

The Green Energy Analyst position holds immense significance in UNDP’s mission to foster sustainability and implement green energy practices across its global network.

By conducting energy assessments and promoting energy efficiency, the Analyst contributes to the organization’s commitment to Sustainable Development Goals.

Additionally, the role aligns with the Digital Transformation Agenda and Smart Facilities Initiative, ensuring efficient, innovative, and sustainable management of technologies for UN facilities and partners.

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