Karius to Orlando Pirates: A Match Made In Football Heaven | diskidaily.co.zaKarius to Orlando Pirates: A Match Made In Football Heaven

Karius to Orlando Pirates: A Match Made In Football Heaven

During the Carabao Cup final, African football fans were abuzz with discussions about Loris Karius, Marcus Rashford, and Benni McCarthy. Karius’ shaky performance in the first half of the match, which saw Manchester United take a 2-0 lead, was a point of contention among supporters.

Despite criticism from some fans, Rashford’s clinical finishing ability was highly praised after he scored during the game. In addition to Rashford’s performance, there was also recognition for the positive impact that Benni McCarthy continues to have behind the scenes.

After Loris Karius failed to prevent Casemiro from scoring in the first half, fans were quick to criticize the goalkeeper. However, @Siyanda_1011 defended Karius, stating that he was not responsible for both goals. They believed that people were simply looking for someone to blame, and Karius was an easy target because of his past mistakes.

@eno_futboh noted that despite Loris Karius’ mistake, he had actually performed well during the game. The Twitter user expressed sadness that the goalkeeper’s error had overshadowed an otherwise good performance.

Karius to Orlando Pirates: A Match Made In Football Heaven | diskidaily.co.za
Karius to Orlando Pirates: A Match Made In Football Heaven

Similarly, @YYYYTNOM also found reason to praise Karius, highlighting a save he made after Wolfsburg had already scored two goals. The user also questioned why Karius had waited until his team was down to start playing well.

After Loris Karius struggled during the first half of the match, @_IamHarold was one of the fans who showed no mercy towards the German goalkeeper.

Despite his struggles in English football, @KiiNG_18 believes that Loris Karius has the potential to succeed in South Africa. The Twitter user thinks that the German goalkeeper would fit in well at Orlando Pirates, likening him to Joris Delle in playing style.

@ItalianJero posed the question of why Loris Karius doesn’t quit football, stating that the goalkeeper only makes himself a nuisance. The tweet asks whether this is a fair criticism or a harsh statement towards the German player.

@Nkululeko82_ is one of many supporters who have noticed a significant improvement in Marcus Rashford’s performance in recent months, culminating in his success in the League Cup. The Twitter user observed that Rashford had been working hard since last season, particularly on improving his goal-scoring ability, which was clearly a source of frustration for him.

@Nkululeko82_ also credited Benni McCarthy’s contribution to Rashford’s success, acknowledging that the coach had played a significant role in helping the player reach his potential.

@LwaziBatala expressed praise for Benni McCarthy, commending the coach for helping Marcus Rashford improve his goal-scoring abilities. The Twitter user went so far as to say that McCarthy had given Rashford a “PHD in finishing”, highlighting the significant impact that the coach had on the player’s performance.

Marcus Rashford Manchester United 2022-23

@SechabaPrince echoed the sentiment, expressing gratitude to both Rashford and McCarthy for their contributions to the team’s success.

@iamSlickD and @AmrelSocial were among the supporters who credited former Orlando Pirates striker Benni McCarthy for the improvement in Marcus Rashford’s performance this season. Both Twitter users used the phrase “cooked” to describe McCarthy’s impact on Rashford’s game, indicating that the coach had helped the player to develop and refine his skills.

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Benni McCarthy Manchester United









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