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In a recent social media uproar, South African amapiano sensation Lady Du has taken a stand against internet trolls who questioned her qualifications.

Lady Du, known for her chart-topping hits, decided to address the controversy head-on and proudly showcased her impressive educational achievements.

Lady Du’s Remarkable Education Credentials

Lady Du confidently revealed her extensive academic background in a viral video that sent shockwaves across the internet. According to the musician, she has traveled to a staggering 108 countries and amassed a remarkable 19 qualifications. The announcement was met with both praise and skepticism, prompting Lady Du to take further action.

Lady Du Proves Her Credentials

Lady Du headed to her X account to silence the doubters and shared a picture of her certificates.

Captioning the post, she firmly emphasized that her education is her wealth and not a matter of public validation.

“I had to hide my ID number but I honestly have nothing to prove since my education is my wealth, not anyone’s.”

Lady Du revealed that she received her certificates internationally and locally.

“These are the certificates I received. Some international, some local. This is why I opened a salon. If you listened to the whole motivation you would have caught something, but because we have people doing things for clout it’s whatever. Please Google it and read it. I can’t find my other certificates, but if I do I’ll take a video and post.”

From Music to Business: Lady Du’s New Chapter

In May, Lady Du announced her entry into the business world, marking a significant turning point in her career.

She took to Instagram to display her certificates in somatology, highlighting their international recognition by City and Guilds.

Lady Du expressed her excitement about putting her beauty skills to use.

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