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Ncobo Validates Controversial Penalty Call In Chiefs Match

The penalty decision in the recent Kaizer Chiefs versus Maritzburg United DStv Premiership game has become a major talking point in the football community. However, according to Andile “VAR” Ncobo, the Premier Soccer League’s general manager and SuperSport pundit, the referee was correct to award the penalty.

Ncobo expressed his belief during a segment on Extra Time, stating that

“a holding offense occurs only when a player’s contact with an opponent’s body or equipment impedes the opponent’s movement”.

Ncobo further explains that the referee was correct to blow his whistle since the arm of the Maritzburg United player was impeding the movement of the Kaizer Chiefs player.

Maart late penalty secures vital win for Chiefs against Maritzburg | The  Citizen

Despite the correctness of the call, Ncobo criticized the way the referee handled the situation. He expressed his frustration with the lack of strength of conviction the referee displayed and his failure to point to the penalty mark. Additionally, Ncobo noted that the referee did not seek assistance from the far-side official, which was unnecessary as the call was his alone to make.

Maritzburg United coach Fadlu Davids was less than pleased with the result of the game, and during a fiery interview with SuperSport, he expressed his frustration over the controversial penalty. The Maritzburg United team lost the game 2-3, with Kaizer Chiefs securing the victory via the controversial penalty that was converted by Keagan Dolly. Davids accused the referee of making a “clear and obvious mistake,” saying that the decision was “influenced by external factors.”

The penalty decision in this game has been the subject of much debate, with many fans and pundits expressing differing opinions on the matter. However, Ncobo’s expert opinion as a former referee and current general manager of the Premier Soccer League carries weight and should be taken into consideration.

It is important to remember that referees are human and mistakes can occur, but it is also important to acknowledge when they get it right. In this instance, the penalty decision was correct according to the rules of the game. The debate surrounding the decision is a reminder of the importance of proper officiating and the need for continued improvements in this area.


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