Nonku Williams Opens Up About Break-Up | Williams Opens Up About Break-Up

Nonku Williams Opens Up About Break-Up and Alleged Scam In RHOD Reunion

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star, Nonku Williams, recently shared details about her separation from ex-partner Dumisani “RD” Ndlazi during the RHOD reunion.

While she addressed questions about his rape conviction, she chose not to delve into allegations of him scamming her. However, sources have shed light on their alleged business dealings and financial repercussions.

Business Partnership Gone Wrong

According to insider information shared with Zimoja, Nonku Williams is reportedly dealing with the aftermath of her failed business partnership with RD. The source claims that Nonku suffered both financial and emotional harm as a result of RD’s actions.

Allegedly, after only a month of dating, they began collaborating in business. Nonku appointed RD as the head of one of her major companies while she focused on other aspects. The source further asserts that Nonku even introduced RD to her suppliers, indicating a high level of trust in their relationship.

Nonku Williams Opens Up About Break-Up and Alleged Scam In RHOD Reunion |
Nonku Williams Opens Up About Break-Up and Alleged Scam In RHOD Reunion

Financial Fallout and Scammed Profits

Unfortunately, it appears that Nonku’s trust was misplaced. The source alleges that RD took advantage of their partnership, misusing funds and diverting profits meant to be shared.

Additionally, RD reportedly used building materials worth over a million Rand without authorization, leaving Nonku responsible for the expenses.

Furthermore, it is claimed that he continued to build his own house in Richard’s Bay using funds from their shared business endeavors.

Addressing RD’s Criminal Past

During the reunion, Nonku acknowledged being aware of RD’s previous rape charges. In 2014, RD was arrested for rape and subsequently sentenced to 10 years in prison, according to a statement by the South African Police Services (SAPS).

Nonku admitted that she knew about his arrest and that he spent several months behind bars. When questioned about introducing RD to her teenage daughter, Nothile Ncwane, despite his criminal record, Nonku defended her decision, stating that she saw a side of him that others may not have witnessed.

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