Program Analyst Job at USAID Bureau Africa

Program Analyst Job at USAID Bureau Africa

The Program Analyst position at the USAID Bureau Africa is an important role within the USAID/Senegal Health Office.

As the largest technical office of USAID/Senegal, the Health Office handles a significant portion of the mission budget and undertakes various activities such as planning, document preparation, monitoring, consultant coordination, embassy liaison work, and engagement with host governments, donors, and private sector entities.

The Program Analyst will play a vital role in ensuring high-quality reporting, communication, and writing support services to the Health Office.


The Program Analyst, as a member of the Health team, will be responsible for providing technical support in the areas of reporting, communication, and budget tracking.

The position is designated as a local hire U.S. Personal Services Contractor (USPSC) and will report to the Health Office Deputy Director.

The Program Analyst will collaborate closely with the entire Health Office to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  1. Reporting: The Program Analyst will contribute to the development of accurate and timely reports related to health programs and initiatives. This includes gathering relevant data, conducting analysis, and preparing comprehensive reports that comply with USAID guidelines and standards.
  2. Communication: Effective communication is essential for the success of any program. The Program Analyst will assist in maintaining strong communication channels within the Health Office and with external stakeholders. This involves facilitating meetings, organizing workshops, and ensuring efficient information flow.
  3. Writing Support: Clear and concise writing is crucial for conveying program achievements and impact. The Program Analyst will provide writing support to the Health Office, assisting in the creation of compelling documents, proposals, and presentations that effectively communicate program objectives and results.
  4. Budget Tracking: Financial management is a vital aspect of program implementation. The Program Analyst will support the Health Office in tracking budget utilization, monitoring expenditures, and ensuring compliance with USAID financial regulations and procedures.

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