Join as a Regional Security Manager at CARE International | as a Regional Security Manager at CARE International

Secure a Better Tomorrow: Join as a Regional Security Manager at CARE International

CARE International is seeking a Regional Security Manager (RSM) for its East and Central Africa (ECA) and Southern Africa (SA) Regional Offices, which include 14 Country Offices and various Program presences.

The RSM will take on the crucial role of minimizing risk to CARE staff, resources, and programs by providing expert, well-coordinated security readiness and management support. They will be aided by three Sub-Regional Security Officers, one of whom will serve as Deputy RSM.

In this role, the RSM will oversee regional and country-specific assessments, maintain regular communication with Country Directors, and be an integral member of the two Regional Leadership Teams and the two Regional Management Teams.

The RSM is entrusted with managing, guiding, and building the abilities of three Sub-Regional Security Officers, 14 Safety & Security Managers, and respective country office Safety & Security Focal Points. The goal is to ensure that a high level of technical competence is maintained across all offices and program areas.

The RSM is expected to create and put into practice procedures and systems derived from the best practices of CSU, ensuring an efficient regional-wide security system. They will also provide training and support to staff to further reduce operational risks.

Secure a Better Tomorrow: Join as a Regional Security Manager at CARE International |
Secure a Better Tomorrow: Join as a Regional Security Manager at CARE International

Responsibilities include:

  1. Team Leadership, Staff Management, Coaching, Mentoring and Capacity Building: The RSM will spearhead the formation of a professional team focused on staff safety and the accomplishment of CSU objectives. They will lead the creation of annual team objectives and activities, provide guidance and professional development for ECA’s and SA’s safety and security stakeholders, which will demand a significant portion of their time.
  2. Develop Strategies, Procedures and Protocols and Assess Country Office Security Management: They will establish goals and activities aligned with the Regional and CSU blueprints. The RSM will consult with regional safety and security stakeholders to develop best practice models and strategies for safety and security. Based on threat and risk assessments, the RSM will supervise the creation of relevant procedures.
  3. Assessments, Planning and Information Management: The RSM will conduct strategic regional assessments in collaboration with the RD and CDs. They will maintain a thorough understanding of our operational areas through regular consultations with program, safety, security stakeholders, staff, and peer security advisors.
  4. Administrative and Financial Management Responsibilities: They will ensure timely completion of administrative and logistical needs of reporting staff, oversee the RSM ECA/SA budget, ensure country office security budgets are updated and reflective of operational needs, and participate in personal annual performance assessments.

Qualifications for this position include a bachelor’s degree in a field related to humanitarian work or security risk management, formal safety and security qualifications and/or formal training certification, fluency in French and English, five years’ experience assisting international organizations in security strategy development in multicultural contexts, and five years’ experience managing security professionals and mentoring security focal points.

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