diskydailyThe Intriguing Love Deception of Kolo Toure: Cheating Scandals

The Intriguing Love Deception of Kolo Toure: Cheating Scandals

The Intriguing Love Deception of Kolo Toure: Insights from Shadaya
The Intriguing Love Deception of Kolo Toure: Insights from Shadaya

In the heart of Manchester’s nightlife, a clandestine affair unfolds, with Kolo Toure, the renowned City defender, at its centre. For two years, he leads a secret double life, adopting the guise of a Ghanaian car salesman named Francois to win the heart of 22-year-old student Kessel Kasuisyo. This is a tale of deception, charm, and the unravelling of a remarkable con trick that took unexpected turns.

A Chance Encounter:

Amidst the drizzle outside a bustling nightclub, Kolo Toure’s path crosses with Kessel Kasuisyo. Deploying his famous Ivorian charm, Kolo impresses Kessel, and they exchange numbers, setting the stage for a captivating rendezvous.

The Elaborate Ruse:

To protect his identity, Kolo fabricates an elaborate alter ego as Francois, a successful car salesman from Ghana, who relocated to Manchester as a student. Completely unaware of Kolo’s true identity as a football star, Kessel falls for the act.

The Double Life:

Over the following two years, Kolo skillfully maintains his double life. Donning a baseball cap and Top Gun aviators to disguise himself, he secretly visits Kessel’s council flat. Showering her with gifts, including alluring white lingerie, and ensuring his calls are from private numbers to avoid detection, Kolo plays his role convincingly.


Love Professions and Disappearances:

In an acting performance worthy of an Oscar, Kolo even proposes to Kessel with a diamond ring, professing his undying love. When he vanishes for periods, he covers his tracks, claiming to be selling second-hand Range Rovers in Ghana. However, the truth is far more surprising—he’s in the Ivory Coast marrying his actual wife.

The Unraveling of the Deception:

Kolo’s elaborate charade meets its match when Kessel secretly snaps a picture of him in the shower. Sharing the photo with a friend, the truth emerges when the friend identifies Kolo as a football megastar and suggests googling “Kolo Toure.” Discovering images of Kolo with the Premier League trophy and snapshots from his recent wedding, Kolo’s double life is exposed.


Kolo Toure’s love deception is a captivating story of a football star’s pursuit of passion, leading him to weave an intricate web of lies and deceit. From portraying Francois, Ghana’s celebrated car salesman, to balancing two separate lives, Kolo’s tale is one of audacity and intrigue. However, as with all cons, the truth eventually emerges, bringing down the curtain on an astonishing chapter in the life of the City defender. Farewell to Francois, the car salesman with a secret identity.

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