The Rhodes Scholarship: A Life-Changing Opportunity to Study at the University of Oxford

  • Bringing Together Outstanding Young Minds from Around the World

What is the Rhodes Scholarship?

  • A Fully Funded, Full-Time Postgraduate Award at the University of Oxford
  • Challenging but Rewarding Application Process
  • Encouraging Talented Students Worldwide to Apply
  • Duration: Two or More Years

What Does the Rhodes Scholarship Cover?

  • Coverage of Oxford University Course Fees
  • Annual Stipend: £18,180 per Annum
  • Stipend for Living Expenses (excluding partners or dependents)
  • Conditions of Tenure: Course Combinations and Duration of Support
  • Funding for Application Fees, Visa, and International Health Surcharge
  • Economy Class Flights to and from the UK
  • Settling-In Allowance and Assistance for Visa Renewal

Selection Criteria

  • Diversity as the Strength of the Scholarship
  • Criteria Established in 1902:
    • Academic Excellence and Scholastic Attainments
    • Demonstrated Mastery in Sports, Music, Debate, Dance, Theatre, etc.
    • Values of Truth, Courage, Devotion, Sympathy, Kindliness, and Unselfishness
    • Moral Force of Character, Leadership Skills, and Interest in Fellow Beings

Eligibility Criteria

  • Constituency-Specific Eligibility Requirements
  • Use of Eligibility Checker Tool for Verification


  • Seize the Opportunity: Apply for the Rhodes Scholarship and Join a Legacy of Achievers


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