Tol Ass Mo sues ministersTol Ass Mo-Image Source@imzansi

Comedian Tol Ass Mo sues ministers and authorities after being aquitted after four years of false sexual abuse accusationb fellow entertainer.

Former reality TV star and comedian, Tol Ass Mo, has finally been cleared of the sexual assault allegations made by model and actress Lerato Moloi. These allegations had cast a shadow over him for four long years until he was acquitted in 2022.

Damaged Reputation and Career

Upon his acquittal, Tol Ass Mo’s legal team released a statement expressing their concerns about the severe damage inflicted on his reputation and career due to the false accusations made by Moloi. They have vowed to take substantial action to address the harm caused by these allegations.

Tol Ass Mo sues Ministers

Following his acquittal, Tol Ass Mo is not letting the matter rest. He announced on his social media platforms that he intends to file lawsuits against several government officials and departments. His list of targets includes the South African Police Services (SAPS) National Commissioner, the Minister of Safety and Security, the Director of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the Minister of Police, and the Minister of Justice. Tol Ass Mo is determined to regain his millionaire status and seeks justice for the damage to his reputation.

Tol Ass Mo’s Resolve

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Tol Ass Mo wrote, “Thank you once more to all of Lerato’s so-called believers. I will be back to millionaire status. Ooh, and Rosie Motene ain’t getting a brown cent from me. Lesson to every woman who wants to open false rape charges against innocent men.”

Despite the extensive list of people he is suing, Tol Ass Mo has decided not to sue Lerato Moloi due to her financial situation. However, he remains determined to see justice served and has vowed not to rest until she is behind bars.


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