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Thembinkosi Lorch has left Mzansi shocked after he blueticked Natasha Thahane’s birthday. Renowned actress Natasha Thahane is making waves on the occasion of her birthday.

Thembinkosi Lorch’s Silent Response

Orlando Pirates’ star, Thembinkosi Lorch, appears to have overlooked Natasha Thahane’s birthday, despite her heartfelt cryptic tribute to him on his own special day.

Social Media Speculation

Social media was abuzz with birthday wishes from fans across Mzansi, yet Thembinkosi Lorch’s conspicuous silence left many puzzled.

Did Thembinkosi Lorch ignore Natasha Thahane’s birthday, or did he opt for a private celebration away from the public eye? No mention of Natasha Thahane’s birthday was found on his social media profiles.

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Lorch ignores Natasha’s birthday 

Relationship in Question

Speculations arose regarding the status of their relationship, with questions lingering on whether the two were still together or if there might be trouble in paradise.

The Complicated Love Story

Despite being dubbed ‘Orlando Pirates Makhoti,’ Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch have consistently garnered attention with their intricate relationship dynamics.

Mzansi began to connect the dots about their relationship after the duo shared vacation photos on social media. Initially, they dismissed any relationship rumors, only to later confirm their affair.

Confirming the relationship, they allegedly had a traditional wedding ceremony, shrouded in secrecy. Details of the purported wedding only came to light when photos circulated on social media.

Natasha Thahane’s Heritage Day shoot

the actress recently posted on Instagram pictures of her Heritage day photoshoot. Lorch was nowhere to be found in the family photos that Natasha took with their son. fans could not help but question whether the two broke up even after rumours that they were now married. Both parties are yet to address the rumours that surround their relationship or let it be a mystery to fans from beginning to end.

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