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Tso Slams Shabalala’s Lack Of Respect In Derby Match

During the recent Soweto Derby match between Orlando Pirates and Chiefs, Mduduzi Shabalala was observed executing a side-step maneuver with the ball, much to the delight of the fans. Although Chiefs emerged victorious with a 1-0 win, the incident occurred when the match was still tied at 0-0.

While some supporters consider showboating to be an integral part of South African football culture, former Orlando Pirates midfielder Benedict ‘Tso’ Vilakazi is not impressed with it unless it is used to beat an opponent.

Vilakazi expressed concern about the state of local football, stating that if the type of showboating exhibited during the match is deemed a skill, there is a lot that players need to learn about football.

In his view, a true skill involves taking on an opponent, creating space, and attacking, rather than merely jumping on top of the ball without eliminating an opponent.

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