Unleash Your Potential: Apply Now for WSA Youth Ambassadors Program 2023Unleash Your Potential: Apply Now for WSA Youth Ambassadors Program 2023

Unleash Your Potential: Apply Now for WSA Youth Ambassadors Program 2023

If you are a driven social impact champion under 30 with a passion for making a difference in your community and the world, the World Summit Awards (WSA) Youth Ambassadors Program is calling your name.

This fantastic opportunity aligns with the WSA’s mission of harnessing the power of technology and innovation to address pressing social challenges and contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a WSA Youth Ambassador, you will be at the forefront of inspiring and mobilizing fellow youths to showcase their innovative digital solutions on a global stage, addressing critical social issues and leaving a lasting impact.

1. Driving Impactful Initiatives in Your Community

As a WSA Youth Ambassador, you will collaborate closely with WSA National Experts in your country, leveraging their expertise to drive impactful initiatives and support the development of young innovators in your community.

By taking the lead in organizing events and spreading awareness about the prestigious WSA brand and Young Innovators competition, you will inspire talented youth to step forward and showcase their digital solutions.

2. Amplifying the Voices of Young Innovators

Representing youth at various WSA and partner events, you will amplify the voices of young innovators and highlight their outstanding contributions.

Your role as a WSA Youth Ambassador will give you the opportunity to provide valuable insights and perspectives, helping the WSA team and Board of Directors better understand the unique community and cultural context of your region, ensuring that the program remains inclusive and relevant.

3. Building Collaborative Opportunities for Growth and Impact

Fostering meaningful relationships within your community and the wider innovation ecosystem, you will connect young innovators, mentors, and other stakeholders to create collaborative opportunities for growth and impact.

Your active participation in testing products and providing feedback to young innovators will contribute to refining their solutions and ensuring their success.

Unleash Your Potential: Apply Now for WSA Youth Ambassadors Program 2023
Unleash Your Potential: Apply Now for WSA Youth Ambassadors Program 2023

4. Inspiring Innovations and Celebrating Achievements

As a trusted source of knowledge within your community, you will share information and insights about inspiring innovations and achievements of young people globally.

Through your efforts, you will drive excitement around new product launches, showcasing the incredible talent and potential of young African innovators.

Required Qualifications and Benefits

To be eligible for the WSA Youth Ambassadors Program, candidates must be passionate about social impact and technology, aged between 18-30, and residents of one of the UN member states.

Ambassadors will devote at least 25 days per year to the WSA, have a good command of English, and access to a stable internet connection.

In return, you will become part of a global network of social impact makers and innovators, receive a certificate of participation and letter of recommendation, and be eligible for various opportunities within the WSA and partner network.

Apply Now and Make Your Mark

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to be part of a global movement driving positive change. Candidates can apply individually or be nominated by a WSA National Expert or Organization.

The application deadline is August 15, 2023. Join the WSA Youth Ambassadors Program and unleash your potential to make a lasting impact on the world.

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