Given Msimango's Impressive Career, Lifestyle and Girlfriend |

Unpacking Given Msimango’s Impressive Career, Lifestyle, Girlfriend, and Net Worth

Unpacking Given Msimango's Impressive Career, Lifestyle, Girlfriend, and Net Worth |
Unpacking Given Msimango’s Impressive Career, Lifestyle, Girlfriend, and Net Worth

Given Msimango: Football Career, Transfer Rumours, Girlfriend, Net Worth, and Lifestyle

Given Msimango is a talented South African football player who currently plays for TS Galaxy and Bafana Bafana. With his promising career and transfer rumors, many fans are interested in learning more about his personal life, including his girlfriend, net worth, and lifestyle.

Football Career

Given Msimango’s football career started when he joined the Tembisa-based football club, Highlands Park. However, the club was later sold to businessman Tim Sukazi in 2020, leading to the players being transferred to TS Galaxy. Msimango became one of the key players for TS Galaxy and was eventually appointed as the captain.

Transfer Rumours

Given Msimango has recently been linked with a move to one of the biggest football clubs in South Africa, Kaizer Chiefs. While there has been no official confirmation, rumors suggest that the transfer deal is already in the works. Club owner Tim Sukazi indirectly confirmed the move and stated that Msimango’s transfer to Kaizer Chiefs would increase his chances of being recognized by the South African national team coach.


Given Msimango has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Bontle Makgalo, for four years. He shared a picture of them together on Valentine’s Day, indicating that they have been going strong.

Net Worth

Given Msimango’s net worth is estimated to be around R3 million. However, his move to Kaizer Chiefs could significantly increase his earnings and net worth.


Currently, Msimango is estimated to be earning around R50 000 at TS Galaxy. However, his move to Kaizer Chiefs is expected to bring him a significant salary increase, with estimates suggesting that he could earn around R150 000 or more.


Given Msimango has been known to have a taste for luxury cars and fashion. He is a proud owner of one of the latest Volkswagen cars.



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