Wilfried Zaha Acquires Second Football ClubWilfried Zaha Acquires Second Football Club

Wilfried Zaha Acquires Second Football Club

Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha and renowned rapper Stormzy have formed an alliance to purchase AFC Croydon, a non-league football club.

Alongside former Palace head of player care Danny Young, Zaha and Stormzy will contribute to a three-man consortium that aims to revitalize the club. All three individuals share a deep connection to the London district of Croydon, making this acquisition even more significant.

Formation of the Consortium:

Wilfried Zaha and Stormzy, who both hail from Croydon, have joined forces with Danny Young to acquire AFC Croydon. This consortium of individuals who have experienced success in their respective fields will bring their expertise and passion to support the development and progress of the club.

AFC Croydon’s Current Status:

AFC Croydon currently competes in the Combined Counties Football League Premier South Division, which is situated in the ninth tier of English football. This acquisition by Zaha, Stormzy, and Young offers an opportunity to inject new life into the club and elevate its status within the local community.

Wilfried Zaha Acquires Second Football Club | diskidaily.co.za
Wilfried Zaha Acquires Second Football Club

Ownership and Development:

The consortium will take ownership of AFC Croydon, overseeing its operations and actively working towards its development. The goal is to transform the club into a valuable community asset.

While the completion of the acquisition is subject to legislative and governance procedures, the consortium members are eager to make a positive impact on their childhood hometown club. They aim to involve and engage the entire community in this exciting journey.

Shared Roots and Opportunities:

Wilfried Zaha and Stormzy, having grown up in Croydon, recognize the importance of giving back to the borough that provided them with opportunities.

By acquiring AFC Croydon, they hope to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the community that nurtured them. This endeavor is driven by their shared love for the sport and their desire to create a positive impact on local football.

Beyond AFC Croydon:

It is worth noting that Wilfried Zaha is also involved in football ownership in his native Ivory Coast. In September 2022, he and his brother Carin purchased Espoir Club D’Abengourou, further demonstrating their commitment to football development both in their home country and now in their childhood community.


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