Yanga Halts Gallants' Magical CAFCC Journey | diskidaily.co.zaYanga Halts Gallants' Magical CAFCC Journey

Yanga Halts Gallants’ Magical CAFCC Journey

Yanga Halts Gallants' Magical CAFCC Journey | diskidaily.co.za
Yanga Halts Gallants’ Magical CAFCC Journey

A Resounding Victory Seals Yanga’s Final Spot

Young Africans SC achieved a decisive 4-1 aggregate victory over Marumo Gallants, solidifying their position in the 2022/23 CAF Confederation Cup final.

The Tanzanian team showcased its prowess, proving their mettle on the competitive international stage.

An Uphill Battle for the Gallants

The daunting match took place at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium, with Yanga coming in with a 2-0 advantage from the initial leg at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.

The Gallants, under the guidance of Raymond Mdaka, faced a considerable challenge to overcome this deficit.

Adding to their predicament, the Gallants were embroiled in a dispute over potential end-of-season bonuses, leading to a boycott of training sessions on Tuesday.

Yanga Halts Gallants' Magical CAFCC Journey | diskidaily.co.za
Yanga Halts Gallants’ Magical CAFCC Journey

Echoes of Dar es Salaam and a Game-Changing Goal

In a scenario mirroring their encounter in Dar es Salaam, the Gallants squandered multiple opportunities, setting the stage for a twist that essentially decided the game just before the half-time whistle.

Fiston Kalala Mayele, speculated to be on the move to the DStv Premiership in recent months, broke the deadlock, pulling ahead of Ranga Chivaviro with six goals in the race for the golden boot of the competition.

Musonda’s Decisive Strike and Chivaviro’s Consolation Goal

After 62 minutes into the game, Kennedy Musonda found the back of the net, extinguishing any lingering hopes for the Gallants to mount a comeback.

Ranga Chivaviro managed to score a consolation goal in the 90th minute, but it was too late to make a significant difference. This goal, however, brought him back on par with Mayele.

Yanga’s Historic March into the CAF Inter-Club Final

Emerging victorious with a 4-1 aggregate win, Yanga now awaits their final opponents, who will be either USM Alger or ASEC Mimosas.

This achievement marks a significant milestone in the club’s history as they step into their first-ever CAF inter-club final, bringing immense pride to Tanzanian football.

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